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New Beach Wedding Package To Check Out

For those of you having a beach wedding in Pensacola, congratulations! I’d like for all you brides and grooms to check out a new wedding package that has video and it’s called Two on an Island. It’s a very basic package for simple ceremonies. It has 20 posed pictures after the ceremony and the video is for the ceremony itself. We’re also getting ready to put some new designs up on the web site for you to choose from for your wedding on the beach. We try to provide a variety of choices to suit every taste and affordability. We do keep our wedding packages reasonable. Considering that you get photography in our packages it certainly is a bargain. If you’ve done your research you understand what I’m talking about. I know it’s an exciting time to be engaged and trying to get everything right. The best part about our wedding packages is all you have to do the show up with a marriage license and we take care of the rest. We provide a wedding resources page on our web site for you to find items that you will need including a florist, lodging, restaurants and much more. Make sure to bookmark this page and the marriage license page in the state that you’re getting married in. That way you will have everything at your fingertips on your phone. When you’re going to need things in an instant it’s really nice to pull up your phone and have it right there.

Beach Wedding Bouquets Are Getting Bigger

Some of you are planning a Pensacola wedding on the beach and I’ve been researching bridal bouquets recently. For the past few years there has been a trend for the smaller hand tied bouquets. I’ve been seeing a lot of them. Recently one of my friends who does video has been showing brides with larger bouquets. I am seeing a lot of peonies, roses and greenery in these bouquets. These bouquets start out smaller at the bottom and burst into a larger oval designed for the top. Although I am a fan of the smaller hand tied bouquets I must admit the new style I find rather refreshing and reminiscent of an Victorian style of flowers. I think this will become a more classic look as time goes by. In the past few years at beach weddings we’ve seen a lot of burlap in floral design. This includes burlap in bouquets. One of the most interesting ones I’ve seen had a burlap flower in it. The bride found the flowers at her local floral shop and purchased them herself and constructed her bouquet. Another bride I had made her bouquet from white roses, she found miniature white roses which she put around the larger white roses in the center of the bouquet. It was extremely beautiful. This was a smaller hand tied bouquet. Here at the beach we also see a lot of seashells in the bouquets which really adds to the overall theme of being on the beach. Whichever style or design that you choose for your flowers I’m sure we’ll be one that reflects you as a bride.

Groomsmen Fashions At Weddings On The Beach

Your beach wedding in Gulf Shores wouldn’t be complete without some great groomsmen fashions. I was on pinterest recently and saw some incredible looking boutonnieres for men. Some of them were so creative in what they were doing with silk flowers it was amazing. I would advise everyone to go to pinterest and type in groomsmen. These boutonnieres would be perfect for the groom also. There were some great looking ties there as well. I really love the selection of ties they had for men. Every color of the rainbow you could possibly imagine. Suspenders have never looked better in pictures. The men’s hair styles were outstanding with both long and short hair. The grooming was impeccable. When you think weddings you think brides, but bridesmaids and groomsmen have definitely kicked it up a notch. I really love seeing this as it says to me that these men are taking their looks very seriously now. I notice many of you ladies are enjoying this fabulous turn. The amount of beards on men have become groomed to a new style. Cuff links were seen with palm trees on them. While the classic tuxedo was nowhere to be found, the modern suits was everywhere. I saw a lot of beach wedding men’s attire with more men’s shirts being soft colors like blue, orange, yellow and a mint green. Most of the pictures were just regular men getting married, but you did have a few models mixed in between.  Yet it shows that men are really stepping up and I’m happy to see it.

The Phones Are Ringing For Weddings

All right Pensacola Beach wedding enthusiasts the phones are starting to ring with brides and grooms looking for their perfect wedding on the beach. You’ve come to the right place! We’re happy to help you make wedding plans and keep it within your budget. Some of the favorite packages that happy couples have been looking at include the Island Beach package and Two on an Island package because of the video that comes with it. It’s our only package with video currently. It’s something new we’re trying out.  We want to see what the response is. So far very favorable.  Also the Lighthouse Point package has been getting a lot of looks too.  I’m so happy all of you are calling us and deciding to come to Florida or Alabama to have your wedding. This is a beautiful area and one I am sure you’ll come back to again and again to celebrate your anniversary with your future family. The great thing about a small area is at it’s easy to get around in and find all the conveniences you would find at home. Pensacola Beach has one of the prettiest beaches on the Emerald coast and not even Destin can compete with what we have here. We have 7 miles of beach with no buildings and you can go out there to enjoy the beauty of nature. So give us a call today and let us help you plan your beach wedding.

Destination Weddings For The Rich

For those of you having your Pensacola Beach wedding I wanted to share with you about a post I saw online. This was a wedding for the wealthy, the very wealthy.  At a hotel in the Maldives they have a floating wedding pavilion in the middle of the Baa Atoll. You can only get there by boat and this pavilion has a vaulted ceiling with a shimmering floor that has a glass bottom aisle for you to walk down, to make it even better it’s over a turtle enclosure. This pavilion has folding floor to ceiling glass doors on three sides that open out onto a deck and it can hold 24 people. Wow that’s amazing. If money was no object that would be incredible. I also saw a post on line about adult only weddings. We do occasionally have those type of weddings but not too often. One bride asked if it would be okay for her to offer childcare to people traveling with small children. I thought that was very kind and considerate of the bride to make this offer. When having an adult only event there can be some awkward moments. For the bride to offer the childcare really made the difference in what could be a difficult situation. This is definitely food for thought for any of you planning such an event.  Have any of you ever attended an event where children were not permitted?  Do you feel that it’s not acceptable or is it okay?  I would love to hear from some of you and share your thoughts with me.

It’s Wedding Season And Time For Bridal Showcases

For those of you having a beach wedding in Pensacola don’t forget to go to your local bridal showcases. I know some of you are thinking, why would I want to go to a local bridal showcase? Well, did you know that a lot of bridal showcases let you register for free honeymoons? Now isn’t that worth going?  Think about it.  What if you could get your entire honeymoon paid for and all you have to do is register for it. What a deal!  And your odds are pretty good actually, a lot better than playing the lottery. Not only that but you can sample wedding cakes. I know the next question you will ask me is, why would I want to do that when I’m having a beach wedding? Some of you are going to wait until you go home and have your reception in your own hometown and some of you will have it here, it really depends on your budget. And speaking of budgets how many of you have your wedding budget? If you’re planning on having a reception that will either be catered or at a restaurant make sure to check out our wedding resources page. We have some restaurants listed where you can have a reception. You’ll probably spend between $25.00 to $45.00 a person. Or if you have a beach house you can have a chef come in or have a cookout. It really depends on what you want to do for your beach wedding. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the beach soon.

Wedding Insurance, Do You Need It

While preparing for your Pensacola Beach wedding you should be asking yourself, what is wedding insurance and do I need it? This is a very valid question and one you should be considering when making your plans. Think about what you would like for your wedding insurance to cover. Check out several different plans. Is it something you actually need? That should be the big question you should be asking yourself. If you’re having a large wedding with a reception here in the state of Florida or Alabama then you may want to consider getting some form of protection for unforeseen events. Most wedding insurance is fairly inexpensive. You can find wedding insurance by going online and researching it. There you’ll find several companies that can assist you. Most of our brides have not needed any form of insurance, however that is not to say that you don’t need it. Are you ready for wedding season? Have you made all of your plans yet?  Make sure to check out our wedding resources page to help you make important decisions about your lodging, selection of florists, and everything else that you may require. It’s going be an exciting 2016 for every bride and groom wanting their beach wedding that is everything they’ve dreamed of. We will do our best to assist you in helping make your special day the best it can be.  All of our weddings are very affordable. We look forward to helping you soon.

2016 Beach Wedding Hair Trends We Like

For those of you having a beach wedding in Pensacola and you haven’t figured out your hair style consider some of the new spring trends for 2016. One trend I thought was unique was a floral arrangement that went from ear to ear under the hair. The flowers are made of silk. An unusual look was butterfly clips, that were white, and looked good with a sleek updo. I think this would look good for any bride who had a touch of whimsical fancy. For those of you who love to tease your hair there was an updo with the hair sky high in an almost early 1900’s look. Bring on the hair spray and lots of it. The one trend I’ve really liked was hair pins with small flowers attached to them. I thought it added a delicate touch to a softly styled hair style. One bridal headpiece I saw had starfish, coral and seashells on it. Very sparkly and glittery and if you’re into the ocean goddess look this would be perfect for you. You may want to buy the earrings that match, they were starfish is also. The final look that I really love the most was a braid with stars and pearls in it. I thought this would look great at the beach wedding because it was sleek and stylish.  Keep in mind the beach has a breeze so go for a hairstyle that will help keep your hair away from your face.  Regardless of what look you choose for your special day you will surely shine like the radiant star that you are. So keep looking on the Internet and find your perfect hair for your wedding day

Yellow Halos And Beach Weddings

This beach wedding in Pensacola had a yellow theme which looked lovely on the beach. Our bride was petite with a yellow halo of flowers around her head. Everyone at the wedding was as to wear some form of yellow. A lot of the men wore blue shirts. I’ve been looking ever some of my pictures from this year and looking at the bride’s and how beautiful they all were. But I’m partial, jimmy albright’s are beautiful. The wedding doesn’t have to be a fancy one with a lot of decorations. It can be as simple as two loving people on the beach. And that’s what I had a lot of, loving people on the beach. Some weddings had children who were part of the ceremony. They were so cute all dressed up in some of the cutest children’s close I’ve ever seen. Bridesmaids in Hawaiian dresses were in one wedding. The stresses were beautiful and the children were dressed up in matching Hawaiian outfits. The groom really wanted to go to Hawaii, but he settled on Florida instead. What a year it was filled with some of the most interesting people on the planet. We had so many wonderful beach weddings, with sunshine and happiness and not one rainy day of cancellation. Knock on wood. I’m very blessed and had such a insightful year of learning more about what the modern bride is looking for. I feel like I’m always learning and I hope I’d never stop learning. 2016 will be filled with many more dreams coming true.

Bridesmaids Dress Trends For 2016 Destination Weddings

For all of you having a Pensacola Beach wedding and thinking about bridesmaids dresses I’ve been noticing some trends for 2016 that look so cool they’re hot. I’m gonna be talking about some of the colors not been seeing and some of the styles. A pale blue has been seen on the runway in a Grecian style gown for bridesmaids this year. This gown can be found in both long and short dresses. This pale color would look great against the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve noticed this pale blue in men’s shirts as well. Another style I’ve seen is it one shoulder height wasted bridesmaids down with a ruffle along the shoulder, tied at the waist. Very nice for a beach wedding. An aqua color looks fantastic in bridesmaids dresses and seems to be a growing trend along the gulf coast. The style of dress that I’ve seen a popular Ian is the point shoulder and a sweetheart neckline. And here’s a color I wasn’t even expecting to see but looks fantastic in bridesmaids dresses, nude. Up against the water it would stand out quite vividly, I would advise you to take your bridesmaids with you to make sure it works with everyone skin tone but I really believe it would work with just about everyone. What I really like about that color is the versatility it would have with other colors. You could put anything with it and it would look great. Mint green is making a comeback in bridesmaids dresses with modern style that will rock any bridesmaids world.