Yellow Halos And Beach Weddings

This beach wedding in Pensacola had a yellow theme which looked lovely on the beach. Our bride was petite with a yellow halo of flowers around her head. Everyone at the wedding was as to wear some form of yellow. A lot of the men wore blue shirts. I’ve been looking ever some of my pictures from this year and looking at the bride’s and how beautiful they all were. But I’m partial, jimmy albright’s are beautiful. The wedding doesn’t have to be a fancy one with a lot of decorations. It can be as simple as two loving people on the beach. And that’s what I had a lot of, loving people on the beach. Some weddings had children who were part of the ceremony. They were so cute all dressed up in some of the cutest children’s close I’ve ever seen. Bridesmaids in Hawaiian dresses were in one wedding. The stresses were beautiful and the children were dressed up in matching Hawaiian outfits. The groom really wanted to go to Hawaii, but he settled on Florida instead. What a year it was filled with some of the most interesting people on the planet. We had so many wonderful beach weddings, with sunshine and happiness and not one rainy day of cancellation. Knock on wood. I’m very blessed and had such a insightful year of learning more about what the modern bride is looking for. I feel like I’m always learning and I hope I’d never stop learning. 2016 will be filled with many more dreams coming true.