Marriage License

Florida and Alabama Marriage License Info

Please click on the following links to go to the states marriage license information.
Florida marriage license A Florida marriage license is $93.50.
Alabama marriage license. An Alabama marriage certificate is $73.00.
Each state marriage license laws are different.
You must have a marriage license from the state you want to be married in.
The laws in Florida and Alabama are similar however there are some differences.
Read everything on the links listed to find out how the marriage license requirements of Florida and Alabama may apply to you.

Read Carefully

You must obtain a marriage license from the state you want to get married in. A marriage license cannot cross state lines. There is no exception to this law in any state.

Once you are married in Florida or Alabama your marriage license is legal in any state.

Applying for your marriage license will take about 30 to 45 minutes for you to complete the paperwork. You can also go online and print out a marriage license application.

Bring your Florida marriage license with you to your beach wedding.

We will fill it out your Florida marriage license. We can mail your marriage license for you or return your marriage license to you.

When your marriage license is returned you will receive a certified marriage license.

You may need 6 certified copies of your certified marriage license for the bride to change her last name on all legal documents including drivers license, professional license, insurance, social security card and property titles. Most certified copies are around $3 or $4 per copy.

Please see the Florida and Alabama state requirements on the links at the top of the page.

Contact us today for more information. You can read the website for more information.

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