Marriage License

Florida and Alabama Marriage License Info

Please click on the following links to go to the state’s marriage license information. Florida marriage license or Alabama marriage license.
Remember each state marriage license laws are different and the prices are different. A Florida marriage license is $93.50 and an Alabama license is $70.00.
You must get a marriage license from the state you want to be married in.
The laws in Florida and Alabama are similar with some differences so make sure to read everything on the links listed to find out how each state marriage license requirements may apply to you.
You cannot take a marriage license from one state and take it to a different state. You must obtain a marriage license from the state you want to get married in for it to be legal. There is no exception to this law in any state.  Here is an example, you cannot take a marriage license from Florida and get married in Alabama.
Once you are married your marriage is legal in any state.
When you apply for your marriage license it will take about thirty to forty five minutes for you to get all the paperwork filled out. At the end of your wait you will be issued a marriage license. Bring your marriage license with you to your beach wedding. We will fill it out and mail it in for you or return it to you. Some people prefer to return it themselves. Reasons for this may include military requirements. When you return your marriage license you will receive a certified marriage license. You may need up to 6 certified copies. Most certified copies are around three dollars to four dollars. Please see the Florida and Alabama state requirements at the links listed at the top of the page. Your beach wedding on the Gulf Coast will be an enjoyable event for all concerned.