2016 Beach Wedding Hair Trends We Like

For those of you having a beach wedding in Pensacola and you haven’t figured out your hair style consider some of the new spring trends for 2016. One trend I thought was unique was a floral arrangement that went from ear to ear under the hair. The flowers are made of silk. An unusual look was butterfly clips, that were white, and looked good with a sleek updo. I think this would look good for any bride who had a touch of whimsical fancy. For those of you who love to tease your hair there was an updo with the hair sky high in an almost early 1900’s look. Bring on the hair spray and lots of it. The one trend I’ve really liked was hair pins with small flowers attached to them. I thought it added a delicate touch to a softly styled hair style. One bridal headpiece I saw had starfish, coral and seashells on it. Very sparkly and glittery and if you’re into the ocean goddess look this would be perfect for you. You may want to buy the earrings that match, they were starfish is also. The final look that I really love the most was a braid with stars and pearls in it. I thought this would look great at the beach wedding because it was sleek and stylish.  Keep in mind the beach has a breeze so go for a hairstyle that will help keep your hair away from your face.  Regardless of what look you choose for your special day you will surely shine like the radiant star that you are. So keep looking on the Internet and find your perfect hair for your wedding day