Bridesmaids Dress Trends For 2016 Destination Weddings

For all of you having a Pensacola Beach wedding and thinking about bridesmaids dresses I’ve been noticing some trends for 2016 that look so cool they’re hot. I’m gonna be talking about some of the colors not been seeing and some of the styles. A pale blue has been seen on the runway in a Grecian style gown for bridesmaids this year. This gown can be found in both long and short dresses. This pale color would look great against the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve noticed this pale blue in men’s shirts as well. Another style I’ve seen is it one shoulder height wasted bridesmaids down with a ruffle along the shoulder, tied at the waist. Very nice for a beach wedding. An aqua color looks fantastic in bridesmaids dresses and seems to be a growing trend along the gulf coast. The style of dress that I’ve seen a popular Ian is the point shoulder and a sweetheart neckline. And here’s a color I wasn’t even expecting to see but looks fantastic in bridesmaids dresses, nude. Up against the water it would stand out quite vividly, I would advise you to take your bridesmaids with you to make sure it works with everyone skin tone but I really believe it would work with just about everyone. What I really like about that color is the versatility it would have with other colors. You could put anything with it and it would look great. Mint green is making a comeback in bridesmaids dresses with modern style that will rock any bridesmaids world.