2016 Wedding Band Trends For Destination Weddings

With your Pensacola wedding on the beach becoming a reality and growing closer I’m sure some of you are considering what type of wedding band you may be thinking about. There are some recent trends that I’d like to talk about that I’ve seen not only in magazines but in weddings that we have done. One of my favorites that I like the look of is to have stacked wedding bands. I’m sure you have seen them, they look like eternity diamond rings in different colored gold. I’ve seen yellow gold, rose gold and white gold with diamonds stacked together. I like the look. I’ve also seen brides wearing their engagement rings on the right hand and then switching it to their left hand when they’re married. I’m not seeing as many ring guards as I once did and I see these becoming more sophisticated. The new ring guards are more defined and smaller. I saw one with rows gold and white gold encrusted with white diamonds. It looked really nice on the hand. Your beach wedding will be complete with such an elegant ensemble. Another look and seeing is to have stones other than diamonds for a wedding band. One ring I saw had sapphires and diamonds. That was beautiful. I’ve also seen more vintage inspired designs and I don’t see this trend going away anytime soon. Some brides are still using their grandmothers rings which are styled quite beautifully from jewelers of the past. Whenever ring you choose maybe the one you love forever.