New Year’s Eve Wedding

A beach wedding in Pensacola on New Year’s Eve would be an exciting event. I know some of you have debated this, whether or not to have one. Many brides and grooms wait until New Year’s Day to start out the new year with marriage and the hope of a new life. But some of you wish for New Year’s Eve. Although it’s not our practice we have been known to make exceptions and have weddings on New Year’s Eve. Some brides and grooms had explained why they want to celebrate their date on December 31. In a can be a lot of different reasons why they want the date. For one couple it was the bride’s grandfathers birthday and he was coming to the wedding, so there was special significance there and we made an exception for them. Another one it was the groom’s mothers anniversary and they wanted to get married on that day. Some of you may ask me why I don’t like to do beach weddings on New Year’s Eve. It’s mostly because of traffic. The police also set up checkpoints for driving under the influence. So it can be difficult for us to get back to our homes and businesses. Also there’s a large celebration at the beach and in town which leads to even more issues with traffic. However as you have read we have made exceptions. I hope each and every one of few have a wonderful new year’s event celebrating the old year in ringing in the new year. They all your resolutions have to do with your spiritual growth and the growth of your impending marriage. Happy new year to all.