New Years Day Wedding On The Beach

A beach waiting in Pensacola can be a New Year’s Day treat. And imagine starting here life together on January 1. Any time you make this decision is a great time.pensacola wedding You’re starting the new year out in a new adventure was the person of your dreams. We’ve had several weddings on New Year’s Day but one of my favorite ones really stands out. We met our bride and groom at their hotel and proceeded out to the beach in a more secluded location. It was cold but every one was in good spirits and looking for to the ceremony. We had decided to do it at sunrise so the sun was just peeking out from the clouds washing the beach with its warm rays. As we came walking down to the beach apparently someone had had a little bit too much excitement on New Year’s Eve and had drove their truck all the way up to the water and it got stuck. There was no one around just the truck. Apparently they had abandoned it to search for a way to get it removed from the beach. We went around the truck and found a different place to have the ceremony and proceeded with our bride and groom’s beach wedding. Are happy couple had four friends became with them and they help celebrate not only the wedding but bringing in the new year as the sun rose into the sky. It was one of the finest weddings you’ve ever seen. With everyone smiling we said our goodbyes while they celebrated with champagne.