Beach Wedding Gown Trends For Spring 2016

With your Pensacola Beach wedding on your mind let’s talk about destination wedding gown trends. One that caught me totally off guard was floral prints. I saw a pale rose colored wedding gown, it was a ball gown with pale rose chiffon and small bouquets of rose colored flowers sparsely applied to the chiffon. It was beautiful and would really stand out on the beach. Another caller I saw that was popular was pale blue which looked heavenly. The blue was so pale it almost looked like a blue white color. I could see that on the beach, it would look good up against the water. One of the most unique looks was a white suit but not just any white suit. The jacket was closely cropped to the body and the pants were cropped above the ankle. This sophisticated look was so tailored. The model had a hand tied small bouquet that look great with it. Very unexpected but made quite a statement. I could see with this would be very comfortable. You could even have appliques applied to it to give it an even more personal look. Then there were gowns with a partial overlay skirt made out of chiffon. What it entrance to a beach wedding that would make with the chiffon blowing in the wind. I really love the headpiece that went with it, a silver colored leaf confection which framed the face. Any of these beautiful gowns would look stunning against the white sand and turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico.