Engagement Ring Trends For 2016 Beach Weddings

With many of you having a Pensacola Beach wedding on your minds here is some food for thought. Has anybody seen the new engagement ring trends 2016?  I’ve been checking out some of the pages on the Internet for just this very thing.  I’m going talk about a couple of my favorite ones because I wanted to share them with you. One engagement ring I saw had a diamond vine similar to something you’d find in the garden. It was beautiful it ran around the entire band. It gave such a nice touch to the diamond sitting at the top of that ring.  What might be nice to have on that very ring when walking down the aisle to your beach wedding? Another ring I saw had a colorful diamond in it. The colorful diamond here was yellow, a bright canary yellow. I’ve also seen chocolate diamonds that had been used as engagement rings. And of course for you bad girls out there a black diamond. For you could girls have a pink diamond? With all the different colors of diamonds of your you can really tailor it to which you like. Or which you prefer instead of the diamond a gem stone? Some of the rings I saw had sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. When my grandmother got engaged my grandfather gave her a ruby ring as an engagement ring. So you see you can have just about any stone for an engagement ring. It really depends on what you find beautiful. Such a healthier and find that perfect ring for you. Men are still liking tungsten and titanium rings for wedding bands. I think they like the black metal. You know black does go with everything. Happy shopping.