Beach Wedding Bouquets Are Getting Bigger

Some of you are planning a Pensacola wedding on the beach and I’ve been researching bridal bouquets recently. For the past few years there has been a trend for the smaller hand tied bouquets. I’ve been seeing a lot of them. Recently one of my friends who does video has been showing brides with larger bouquets. I am seeing a lot of peonies, roses and greenery in these bouquets. These bouquets start out smaller at the bottom and burst into a larger oval designed for the top. Although I am a fan of the smaller hand tied bouquets I must admit the new style I find rather refreshing and reminiscent of an Victorian style of flowers. I think this will become a more classic look as time goes by. In the past few years at beach weddings we’ve seen a lot of burlap in floral design. This includes burlap in bouquets. One of the most interesting ones I’ve seen had a burlap flower in it. The bride found the flowers at her local floral shop and purchased them herself and constructed her bouquet. Another bride I had made her bouquet from white roses, she found miniature white roses which she put around the larger white roses in the center of the bouquet. It was extremely beautiful. This was a smaller hand tied bouquet. Here at the beach we also see a lot of seashells in the bouquets which really adds to the overall theme of being on the beach. Whichever style or design that you choose for your flowers I’m sure we’ll be one that reflects you as a bride.