Groomsmen Fashions At Weddings On The Beach

Your beach wedding in Gulf Shores wouldn’t be complete without some great groomsmen fashions. I was on pinterest recently and saw some incredible looking boutonnieres for men. Some of them were so creative in what they were doing with silk flowers it was amazing. I would advise everyone to go to pinterest and type in groomsmen. These boutonnieres would be perfect for the groom also. There were some great looking ties there as well. I really love the selection of ties they had for men. Every color of the rainbow you could possibly imagine. Suspenders have never looked better in pictures. The men’s hair styles were outstanding with both long and short hair. The grooming was impeccable. When you think weddings you think brides, but bridesmaids and groomsmen have definitely kicked it up a notch. I really love seeing this as it says to me that these men are taking their looks very seriously now. I notice many of you ladies are enjoying this fabulous turn. The amount of beards on men have become groomed to a new style. Cuff links were seen with palm trees on them. While the classic tuxedo was nowhere to be found, the modern suits was everywhere. I saw a lot of beach wedding men’s attire with more men’s shirts being soft colors like blue, orange, yellow and a mint green. Most of the pictures were just regular men getting married, but you did have a few models mixed in between.  Yet it shows that men are really stepping up and I’m happy to see it.