The Phones Are Ringing For Weddings

All right Pensacola Beach wedding enthusiasts the phones are starting to ring with brides and grooms looking for their perfect wedding on the beach. You’ve come to the right place! We’re happy to help you make wedding plans and keep it within your budget. Some of the favorite packages that happy couples have been looking at include the Island Beach package and Two on an Island package because of the video that comes with it. It’s our only package with video currently. It’s something new we’re trying out.  We want to see what the response is. So far very favorable.  Also the Lighthouse Point package has been getting a lot of looks too.  I’m so happy all of you are calling us and deciding to come to Florida or Alabama to have your wedding. This is a beautiful area and one I am sure you’ll come back to again and again to celebrate your anniversary with your future family. The great thing about a small area is at it’s easy to get around in and find all the conveniences you would find at home. Pensacola Beach has one of the prettiest beaches on the Emerald coast and not even Destin can compete with what we have here. We have 7 miles of beach with no buildings and you can go out there to enjoy the beauty of nature. So give us a call today and let us help you plan your beach wedding.