Wedding On The Beach In January

Through the years we have done quite a few beach weddings in Gulf Shores. Few occur on January 1st. Some weddings have been a little on the cool side and sometimes a little on the warm side. But one that stands out in my mind was the wedding we had one January 1 that was very cold. On the Gulf Coast even when inland temperature are cold the beach will always be warmer. This is because of the Gulf of Mexico being a warmer body of water. It also bring hurricanes because of the warm water. The bride and groom are meeting us at the wedding site. When we arrived before everyone else we were surprised to find a pickup truck stuck in the sand at the edge of the Gulf. Talk about big surprise. You could tell the water had been all around the truck and it was going to be damaged. Seems like someone had a little bit too much fun on New Years Eve. However this beach wedding was gonna take place regardless of obstructions. We moved our site a few more feet away. Our bride and groom arrived and got a giggle at the truck. The bride was wearing and ivory lace dress that had tank style straps. She had on a small fluffy coat to keep her warm. I had on a sweater, slacks and a coat because it was that cold. She insisted on getting married in her dress without her coat for pictures. The ceremony went quickly because I was truly concerned about the bride. After the ceremony was over I immediately only took my coat and gave it to her to stay warm. My coat was made of wool and very warm. We did pictures afterwards with wedding guests. I would take my coat, step over to the side, led the photographer get the picture, and step back in and put .the coat back on her. This way everyone stayed as warm as possible for their ceremony on the sand. Afterwards the bride and groom insisted on posing by the truck for a comical photo. Very funny photo it turned out to be. Funny memory.