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Beach wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama was a sunset to remember as you can see. They came down here to celebrate their happiness of being together for 6 years. Their Gulf Shores wedding was happy and joyous with family and friends on the beach. We enjoyed seeing such a great turnout for their celebration. Our happy couple was about to buy a house and needed a cheap beach wedding. Thinking about your own nuptials and cannot decide? Let me suggest Gulf Shores or Orange Beach.

If you are from Alabama this may be a good idea for you as you can get your marriage license in your own home town and bring it with you. This particular arch is called Lighthouse Point and makes a good beach wedding package. Many bride like a more natural look of burlap and star fish with seas shells. Here we have it in this picture. There is also a shepherds hook with some star fish on it as well. It pulls it all together nicely.

Orange Beach Weddings

By the time the wedding started the wind had died down considerably which made the wedding more enjoyable to the bride and groom as well as there guests. Her veil even did well in the slight breeze that popped up. I love the way it wraps around her shoulders. Some brides like the veil look she has with the veil at the back of her head anchored with a barrette. I do not recommend veils but if you want one this is one way to pull it off beautifully.

It is a very soft look and what brides are wanting in their whole look. Some brides do hair decor of different types with star fish and sea shell being very popular in barrettes. The groom wore a suit because it was very cool that day with the wind blowing. I would not call it cold but some people might. Needless to say their love kept them both warm and comfortable. The power of love is great. The Gulf of Mexico adds to the charm of the wedding arch with it’s soft color.

They did it