Another Beautiful Bride Walks To Her Dream

This bride wanted a beach wedding in Pensacola and we gave her a beautiful one, the ceremony that is. She had chosen the Island Beach package for her beach wedding which has become very popular with brides and grooms. Her colors were orange and we had some orange tiger lilies that looked beautiful on the bamboo wedding arch. With the white chiffon the orange flowers really popped. Our beautiful bride was wearing a gown by Davids Bridal and was designed for destination weddings. Yes they have great dresses and gowns just for certain types of weddings. Weddings are not cookie cutter affairs and neither is wedding apparel. It was a flowing A line dress with a sheer neckline covered with embroidery so very romantic in style. The dress flowed so well and was very easy to move in. She looked so comfortable in this dress and how many times have you seen a bride in an uncomfortable dress. We tell everyone to try on their dresses and think about the weight when walking through the sand. Our wonderful groom got stuck in traffic and arrived late, usually it is the bride who is late by this time it was the groom. However we still had plenty of time to have that beautiful wedding on the beach with a lovely sunset. Our bride and groom jumped the broom after saying their vows to the delight of the family and friends. Their wonderful families were also present to celebrate in the joy. It rained a earlier that day which means good luck on their wedding day. And because of the rain the temperatures were very comfortable as the day had been quite warm and that can be very sticky when wearing dress clothes, ask any bride and groom who had a destination wedding. Everything really went exactly the way it should have and are bride and groom could not have been happier. This was a lovely couple and I had a wonderful time helping them with their ceremony in the sand. Best job in the world.