Beach Wedding Invitations

The date has been set for your Gulf Shores beach wedding. Now you are wondering about wedding invitations and rightly so. How soon you should send those invitations? Since this is going to be a destination wedding for you and your guest you may want to consider sending them out as soon as possible. Remember that your guests is going to have to get accommodations, time off from the job or school, save the money to be able to go to your wedding. I know you see there are a lot of decisions to be made not only by yourself but by the people you want to attend your beach nuptials. About 2/3 people you invite will be able to attend your wedding and that is a very realistic number. That guest number really quite common for a destination wedding. Beach wedding accommodations can be expensive particularly in the summer when prime real estate rentals sky rocket. The fun part of making your wedding invitations is getting the bridesmaids and maid of honor together and coming up with some clever ideas for your invitations there are so many to chose from including designing your own invitations. Last minute weddings have encouraged brides to invite whoever can make it via e-mail and this works well. Although some of you may think this not very personal, it can be hard to get invitations to people when you only have two weeks before your wedding date. Go online and find interesting invitations to send to your friends and family. There are even programs for your computer where you can print your own and really personalize them. With so many choices you will find the perfect one that fits your personality. Think beach! Contact us if you need suggestions.