Best Man At A Beach Wedding

Lucky you, you are the best man at a cheap Pensacola Beach wedding! And with that responsibility there are certain duties that you are required to do. Yes my friend you are not just gonna stand up there and look cool in your khaki slacks and white button down shirt with bare feet. Did you know that you are responsible for the bachelor party? And since you are gonna be in Florida why not go deep sea fishing? That way you do not get in trouble. Let us say the groom needs a little bit of help in the attire department. If he is wearing the same thing you are wearing you will be fine but kick it up a notch for him. Help him find a nicer shirt than the ones you and the men will be wearing, a white on white print would be ideal. Remember that you are going to be in a wedding on the beach so dress accordingly. One important thing that you will be doing at this wedding is taking care of the rings. Make sure before you leave to come to the wedding that you have the rings in your possession or there will be a disaster on epic proportions. You do not want to get down to the beach and see the bride walking over to you only to realize you do not have the rings oh horrors. It has happened before and you will be the blame so do not be that man or the bride will remember you as the person who ruined her wedding and it could lead to further implications like never going to holiday parties. So prepare best man! Make sure to get all the other grooms men to the beach on time. So that at the end of the ceremony in the sand, when everyone goes to the reception, not only will they be thinking about the happy couple, but what it great best man you were. The bride and groom parents will thank you.