August Weddings On The Beach

Are you wanting a beach wedding in Gulf Shores for August 2015? Well I’ve got some great news for you. As most of you know our children start going back to school in August now in many areas of the United States. And what that means to brides and grooms is there will not be a lot of people on your wedding day on the beach. Most kids are going back to school around the 15th of August. So families aren’t really looking into having vacations right before this happens because they need to get school supplies and school close so there’s not gonna be a lot of money available to go on vacation. This works out fantastic for beach weddings in Alabama. That means there’s gonna be more places to stay for you to choose from. If you go to our wedding resources page you will find websites that we recommend for you to find accommodations. In some cases you may notice some condominiums dropping their prices after August 15th. Wow what a bargain! At means more money in your pocket to do other things while you’re here. So there are advantages to waiting until after August 15. Nothing like having a little more privacy to stroll down the beach hand in hand with the one you love most.