Beautiful Bouquets For Weddings On The Beach

When you think about a beach wedding in Pensacola many of you may wonder about bouquets and what type of flowers look good for these kind of weddings? Keep in mind that you are going be on the beach and this environment can be a little hazardous for some types of flowers, especially the more delicate varieties. Your flowers that like the heat such as roses and lilies do very well on the beach. However there have been several new variations in the bridal bouquets that we’re all accustomed to. We are seeing more silk flowers, which now look exactly like a real flowers. Silk flowers hold up so well in the heat and wind, while keeping the prices down that you would normally paid for live flowers. We’ve also been seeing a lot of burlap floral bouquets which have a very natural look for a wedding on the beach. And another really unusual item that we have seen recently is a bouquet made from wood. If you go on google and type in wood flower bouquet you are going be amazed at what you’re going to see. One great thing about these type of flowers is that they will be with you for a long time and can be displayed anywhere in your home or saved until your anniversary and brought out again to remember the moment when you said I do. I was really surprised when I first saw all wood bouquet, I thought it was the real thing. I hope more of you look into different forms of flowers to complement your day in the sun.