Guests Responsibilities At A Wedding

As a guest to a Gulf Shores beach wedding some of you may assume that you just show up and have a good time. While this is very true and you will have a good time while you were here, there are certain rules that you must abide by in order to ensure the bride and groom’s happiness. One of the first things to remember is do everything you can to be a courteous guest. Do everything you can to help the bride and groom and be on your best behavior. Many of you are probably wondering what to wear to a beach wedding. For men I would suggest khaki slacks and a button down shirt of some kind. If you don’t like khakis then some other form of slacks. Make sure the fabric is lightweight. For women I would suggest a lightweight flowing dress or shirt and slacks. Unless otherwise stated by the bride and groom do not wear jeans. You will get hot. I would also suggest refraining from drinking until the reception begins where you can toast a bride and groom. Alcohol and the sun do not mix well and you can become very sick. If you are bringing your children with you keep a close eye on them as you will be close to the water and children can get fascinated with it quite easily. Do not bring pets unless instructed by the bride and groom. So with the happy couple getting married on the beach, come and wish them wish them well and only leave your footprints and images in your camera.