Beach Weddings With The Pets

Some of you will be planning a beach wedding in Florida or Alabama and you are debating on whether to bring your dog. We have some experience with the animals in weddings. And while you may think you have a very well behaved dog when you put the same dog in an unfamiliar environment be prepared for the unexpected. One beach wedding that we had was In Navarre and the couple wanted their Labrador retriever to be a bridesmaid. She was all decked out in a multi-color Hawaiian lei and looked adorable. As she started down the aisle with the bride she proceeded to drag the bride straight into the Gulf of Mexico. Oh darn! A another couple who had an Orange Beach wedding had a border collie. This couple wanted their dog to be the ring bearer. A very smart dog in most cases however border collies like to herd other animals including birds. As this dog was being escorted down the aisle by a sweet little flower girl the dog suddenly broke away from her and proceeded down the beach at full speed chasing birds. We all gave chase and eventually caught our wayward ring bearer and brought her back to her position in the bridal lineup. The rings were still intact on the pillow on her back. So before you bring your dog into your wedding there is a lot to think about.