A Family United In Love

When you have two families with five children and a wedding on Pensacola Beach you get one happy family. This family was so happy to be together it was amazing. All the children got along so well. We had three boys that were the groom’s children, all tall like dad. Are bride had her son and daughter there and they looked a lot like mom. They were originally staying in Perdido Key but wanted to have their wedding at a different beach as they had been exploring the area and burr ready for something new. So we took their beach wedding and brought it over to Pensacola Beach. The water was really pretty that day with the turquoise blue colors moving throughout the water. It was quite a long ride from Perdido Key and but all are courageous family endured it very nicely. The bride had her son walked her down the aisle while we all waited together on the beach for her to make her entrance. The weather couldn’t have been better. The sun was gently setting in the west providing us with beautiful color changes in the sky. The wedding on the sand was so blessed and so much love within this family. Afterwards are family was asking us where to go to get something to keep? We recommended Peg Leg Pete’s and McGuire’s Irish Pub. Two very unique places in completely different from each other get family friendly. I hope they had a wonderful time.