Beach Wedding In Pensacola With Child

We had a beautiful beach wedding in Pensacola
yesterday for Valentine’s Day.

Here is another wedding love story for you to enjoy. Although it was windy the bride and groom made the most beautiful day. This affordable Pensacola wedding in Florida was the dream of the couple. The sun was shining brightly and the beach was filled with people enjoying the sunshine. Other than the beach being slightly windy the weather was spectacular. Another option is cheap beach weddings in Alabama. Our bride wore a long flowing white dress with a red shawl to keep her warm during the ritual of the ceremony. The groom wore a white linen shirt with khaki slacks.  Children in wedding are becoming more popular even a Gulf Shores elopement. By including your child or children into your wedding it helps to bond everyone together in ceremony. They were a very handsome couple. The groom was in the military and was getting ready to ship out to an island in the Indian Ocean. Our lovely bride had met the man of her dreams while shopping at a local grocery store where the groom had taken a second job. It was a romantic meeting of chance that brought the two of them together to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day. Their families where there wishing them well in the dazzling sunlight. We had their wedding midday so they could get to their wedding reception. It was hard for them to find a place for their wedding reception because of the holiday. The only place they could find would let them have their celebration of love at 3:00 PM. So we worked around it. Usually we have our beach wedding ceremonies at sunset and although this would have been better wind wise we had to make do with what we had. All in all the day turned out to be wonderful and we had some beautiful pictures for them to remember that day.