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Now this love match made the bride the star of her wedding. You can have your own cheap Gulf Shores wedding. Everyone is watching their purses. With the soft sunset painting the sky in pastel colors this bride and groom looked romantically inclined in the sunset. Fortunately a beach wedding in Gulf Shores is sure to please everyone even the most hard to please. Natural beauty abounds next to the Gulf of Mexico and have your Gulf Beach wedding.

In like manner everyone loves the beach and this happy couple was no exception. She looked lovely in her gown on the sparkling white sands of the Gulf Coast. Her wedding gown was a flowing gossamer dress with gentle touches of beading and appliques. Her hair was long soft curls and was tastefully coiffed. Along with a bridal bouquet with green calla lilies and a touch of blue rounded out her wedding ensemble at her beach wedding. What a breath of enchantment she must have seemed to our groom.

Gulf Shores Wedding

He looked particularly dashing in black slacks and vest with a long sleeved button down shirt. The wedding was in March so obviously there were no concerns about heat. It can be warmer in March but this spring day was very pleasant with some breeze. So everyone arrived on time and was on the beach waiting for our bride to walk down to us. She looked breath taking while saying her vows to her groom. Looking out onto family and friends attending their eyes were shimmering with tears of happiness.

Without a doubt the glow of their love could be seen by everyone there. Those beach wedding moments were clearly captured by our photographer. I sighed deeply and continued with the ceremony while their eyes were only for each other. Are you wanting an Alabama beach wedding package for you and the one you love most? With just a phone call you can get married in Gulf Shores on the beach. We can show you how so don’t wait any longer for your happiness. Pick up the phone.