Bride And Dog In Wedding

When you’re planning to get married on Pensacola Beach some of you may have some form of disability. We had at least three brides last year who had disabilities and we made their ceremonies memorable ones. In the news recently a bride had her service dog at her wedding. I’m sure you’ve all seen this on the news. I’m glad her picture went viral to call attention to how brides cope with the stress and excitement of planning a wedding. The bride’s dog is named Bella, a yellow lab, and she wore a pink tutu. Along with the bride’s dad Bella walled down the aisle too. The bride’s gown was a floor length dress with a sweetheart neckline. The bride’s name is Valerie and she suffers from anxiety, panic disorders and migraines. Her service dog Bella helps her by alerting her minutes before something goes wrong. Bella was able to keep Valerie calm throughout the ceremony. Valerie says that she wouldn’t be able to live her life to the fullest without her dog. I know a lot if you out there are going to have some stress and excitement during your weddings. It’s nice to have someone to turn to when you need some support. Even though a beach wedding can be a lot less stressful than a church wedding there will always be butterflies. That’s perfectly normal. So let’s all learn from this enchanting tale of a bride and her dog.  For all you dog lovers out there we have dog friendly beaches.