The Bride Should Shine Brighter

If you’re getting married in Pensacola beach it is my honor to give you a design that makes you shine brighter than anything at your wedding. Yesterday I had a sweet bride call me and asked me why I didn’t have large arbors. Well at one time I did have large arbors and when I looked at the pictures after the weddings the one thing I noticed was the first thing your eye went to was the arbor and not the bride. I had a problem with that.  I think your eye should go to the bride and groom not some design. When you are putting up decorations they should flatter people and not overshadow people. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you have, the outcome should be the same. What you’re getting married on the beach or giving a speech you must be the center of attention. That’s when I started designing smaller decorations for weddings. In my opinion they look better. What is the old saying I always hear, less is more. And it’s true. In photography if you have too many props you clutter the photograph. Your eye is going all over the place and you can’t focus on one thing. And the next couple weeks when I get a chance to go back out on the beach I’m going to be setting up some brand new designs that I think you’re all going to like. I’m going be focusing on the color of 2016 weddings which will be a light blue. It’s going to be mixed with other colors and I would like for all of you to comment. It means a lot to me to get your feedback.