Music Star Wedding On The Beach

Speaking of beach weddings, a mega-hit music star recently tweeted a question to her fans. The question was church wedding or beach wedding? And of course I saw it on line. I signed into twitter and tweeted her. My suggestions were either Trinidad or Hawaii. This particular music star is from Trinidad and with the beautiful beaches there I thought it would be a perfect backdrop for her wedding. I’m sure she could get away from all of her fans and the paparazzi. Or Hawaii another good choice for a famous person. It would be very hard for a famous person to go anywhere and pull off a secret wedding. But with the two islands that I mentioned I thought this would be a great way for her to have a wedding. Even though she is flamboyant she’s still a bride and would probably want a quiet wedding. Of course I could be wrong here altogether you never know. I’m looking forward to seeing if she responds to my tweet. I know the chances are slim but it would be fun to see if she did. I’ve never performed the wedding ceremony for anyone famous by volleys wondered what it would be like. How many people would be there, what kind of decorations would the happy couple have? Does your questions I ask myself. If money was no object what would you want for your beach wedding? E-mail me today and let me know, it’s always fun to think about the what ifs in life.