Trends For 2015 Beach Weddings That Were Popular

Many couples got married on Pensacola Beach this year and I noticed several different trends. One of the trends off noticed and it has been this way for a few years now is the hand tied bouquet.They complement everyone, every type of bride if you’re tall if you’re small it doesn’t matter, this bouquet works for everyone. There were some twists on it with some brides having a small cascade coming off their bouquet which was really pretty. I liked it. Not a large cascade but just a small one. Another thing I noticed his wedding cakes with no frosting only filling in between the layers. It had what looked like a little frosting on it but not the heavy layers of frosting we’re accustomed to in wedding cakes. Personally am not a big fan of frosting so having more cake with something I liked. However there are some people who are big fans of frosting so this didn’t work for them but it was interesting to see different kinds of wedding cakes. I noticed that red velvet really made a strong showing here in Florida and lower Alabama for wedding cake flavors. Of course there is the favorite beach wedding cake with starfish and seashells. Everybody likes at one because the starfish and seashells are made out of white chocolate. I noticed more neutral colors with pops of color. Blue was popular. Of course the beach is still popular for weddings and everyone’s favorite destination. It’s hard to go wrong with the beach. I’ve been studying the new trends for 2016 and I’ll be giving a rundown of those later on in the blog.