Trash The Dress At The Wedding On The Beach

Last year at a beach wedding in Pensacola we saw quite a few brides jump into the water with their wedding gowns on. Trash the dress was very popular in 2014. This year we only had one bride get her wedding gown wet. She wanted to trash her dress. I understand why women do this. You’re only going to wear that gown once. You’re not going to sell it so why not jump in the Gulf of Mexico. This sweet bride did not realize how happy the water was going to make her wedding gown. I felt so sorry for her because she couldn’t get out of water. The groom was laughing and finally helped her out, they were both laughing at that point. I smiled and thought to myself they are sharing a funny moment together while everyone else was flabbergasted. I still thought they were quite cute all wet like that. They had both wanted a Pensacola Beach wedding as they had both vacationed here before. One of the funniest trash the dress moments was when the bride and groom had told us they were going to turn and run into the Gulf of Mexico right when the ceremony was over. They both had children from previous marriages and the kids were in on it. They told me not to tell anyone, it was so hard not to break the news to the mother of the bride but I knew it was my job not to say anything and wait for the surprise. I told the photographer to take a lot of pictures before the end of the ceremony as I knew we wouldn’t have that many afterwards. So at the end of the ceremony are happy couple and their children turned in ran into the water. I thought everyone was going to fall over. That was a good one.