White Weddings In 2015

We had several beach weddings in Pensacola Florida where all the guests wore the same color. This particular color looks great on everyone and it’s very cool in the summer. And that color is white. I know a lot of you may think that it is taboo to wear white to a wedding. Nothing could be further from the truth especially a destination wedding. It’s a cool comfortable color and when its 85° outside can make the experience quite livable. Although some of you may feel that the bride would get lost in such a sea of white nothing could be further from the truth. With wedding gowns becoming so much more than what they were years ago it’s hard to ignore a stunning bride walking down the aisle. Best of the time everyone would we are all white with maybe a touch of the thing c0lor of the wedding. As usual we saw a lot of blues and greens which look lovely at the beach as well as orange, the color to beat this year. Orange really stands out in a beach environment. We also saw a lot of off white wedding gowns this year. Cream and champagne colored wedding gowns make their presence known. One wedding and I saw I really liked it was the color of milk. The waiting game was yellow so the milk color looked beautiful with the yellow. Another down I liked had a champagne colored material under a half white lace with spaghetti straps. It was a beautiful dress and complemented the bride. So let’s see what the new trends for 2016 show us. I wonder what color the guests will be wearing next year.