Waterspout At Beach Wedding

One of the most unusual things that ever happened at a Pensacola Beach wedding was the day we had waterspout. The bride had not arrived yet and we were all waiting on the beach, the groom was there and all the families. I was looking out over the waves and I noticed a waterspout. My photographer had spotted it when I saw it and I asked him to keep an eye on it while I went and notify the guests of what to do in case it came on shore. We watched it moved closer to the beach and the groom was curious about what could happen. I told him they move on shore and dissipate. I asked him if he had ever seen a dust devil. He said yes he had. I set this is very similar to that except it has water in it. He was concerned that it may disrupt his beach wedding. I understood his concern and told him we would keep a close eye on it to see what happened. Everyone continue to watch it and the bride arrived. We started the ceremony and my photographer continue to watch the waterspout. We’re about halfway through the ceremony when my photographer gave me a signal to turn and look. As I did the waterspout moved up into the air and went directly over us with no water getting on this and no wind. We were truly blessed. I continued on with the ceremony as if nothing happened and everything fell into place nicely. We continued on into the photography of family portraits and someone pulled me to the side and asked me if I knew that was going to happen. I said no but it was a blessing that it just jumped over us. Afterwards I spoke with my photographer and he said it just jumped up and totally avoided us. Talk about the power of prayer!