2015 Pensacola Beach Bride Weddings

We had a lot of brides get married on Pensacola Beach. They were all so beautiful this year and every year. We also had some brides who had special challenges to overcome in order to have the wedding of their dreams. We had brides who had multiple sclerosis, strokes, laws of parents. All these brave brides stood up and face the challenges head on. They have my admiration and respect. We had to get creative in order to assure these brides had everything they needed. These challenges are what make this job so rewarding. Although I don’t really consider it a job because of everything I get from it spiritually. I consider it an honor to be there on the sand with brides and grooms, their family and friends. Every time I see a bride walk across the sand it still thrills me I have this happening in my life. Beach weddings have been part of my career for a long time now and I love it. I feel so blessed I get to do an incredible service for people who were in love. We had so many different brides this year. Every age group, every kind of dress, every kind of family. It was exciting. Also very hot in July but it’s to be expected and we still did weddings. Now its engagement season and so many of you are getting ready for your own wedding in Florida and Alabama. I urge you all to take your time and find the best person to help assist you in your blessed day. I help you consider Beach Bride Weddings LLC in your choices as we would love to serve you on one of the most important days of your life.