2016 Beach Wedding Colors

When planning your Pensacola Beach wedding there are some new color choices on which to base your theme and one of the colors it’s a lavender/blue color. I have seen different shades of this and I think I like the medium to pale ones the best. I think this color would look good for a bridesmaid dress or if you are feeling like being different a wedding gown. In a pale shade of this color a wedding gown would look really beautiful against the Gulf of Mexico for the sparkling white sand on the beach. I also noticed a rose quartz wedding gown which was beautiful width layers of ruffles. I think this rose quartz would also look good in a bridesmaid dress or in a bridal bouquet. Last year we saw a lot of silk flowers rather than real flowers. I noticed this rose quartz shade starting to show up in silk flowers. There was also a pale peach I liked and a deep blue color. A bridesmaid dress would look divine in deep blue but I would suggest you keep that for spring, as this color may be too hot in the summer. Last year there were some brides that chose to go eight different color for wedding gowns. I saw some pale pink or peach wedding gowns on the beach that looked simply breathtaking. When we were doing our sunset shots these gowns really showed up well in photography. Remember that a wedding gown reflex who you are at that point in your life and it doesn’t have to be white or ivory. I waiting and can be any color. I had to any young couple who chose black as they are contrasting color last year. They looked like rock and roll royalty. These two were very lighthearted and carefree so this look suited their style. Make sure to check out the different colors online to see what would fit into your beach wedding theme.