Beach Wedding Insurance

If you’re thinking about getting married on Pensacola Beach may I suggest you think about wedding insurance. Most of you are probably thinking to yourself, do I need wedding insurance? This is an excellent question. It depends on how many people are coming, what you sure budget, if it’s a big budget or small budget, if you’re serving alcohol, etc. For instance if you are having a big wedding on the beach you may want to consider getting some wedding insurance. Since this is an outdoor event you are at the mercy of the weather. Must beach weddings we do take place with no problem but that’s not to say that it can’t happen. Let’s say one of you decides not to get through with the wedding. Heaven forbid this happens but with wedding insurance you’ll be able to file a claimon things like your ceremony, reception, and where you’ll be staying. What is the rains on your date? You’ll be able to claim on that. So there a lot of items to consider when thinking about wedding insurance. If you’re having a small wedding with just the two of you or maybe just a handful of friends and family I wouldn’t get wedding insurance. Since the wedding you’ll be taking will probably be the Island Getaway package which is our smallest package, you might not want to spend $150 on wedding insurance which is about standard. So go online and do some research and see if this might be for you. I highly advise any couple who want a beach wedding to consider looking into some form of insurance to see if it fits your plans.