Get Married On Pensacola Beach At The Boat Parade

A beach wedding in Pensacola it’s a treat to be sure. But what about a boat parade with fireworks and Santa Claus? All in one place? On Saturday there will be festivities on Pensacola Beach for everyone to enjoy. What a perfect time to come down and get married on the beach. I think everyone would be having a wonderful time and you should be here to. That afternoon we could go down to the beach have your ceremony, take some pictures and then you could be on your way to watching the boat parade. It would be the first event you would be celebrating together as husband and wife. Maybe you could pose with Santa! I heard there were going to be about 20 boats in the boat parade this year. There’s also a parade on the beach on Sunday which you can enjoy together. And in the south you know we always we throw beats at parades. You could go home with some souvenirs from your parade visit. The weather is in the sixties but with the sun shining it does make it feel warmer. A lot of you from the northern states would think this is a beautiful spring weather so come on down and join us. There’s always plenty of room for a few more friendly faces. Let’s make this beach wedding one to remember for a long time to come. It’s really beautiful down here this time of year and we’re looking forward to seeing you on the beach with love and your heart and eyes. It’s only a phone call away is the best thing. So let your fingers get busy and I’ll be waiting for you.