Beachy Wedding Invitations

When you’re planning your beach wedding in Pensacola make sure to think about invitations. Depending on what kind of wedding you have will determine what kind of invitations to send out. Some of my favorites have been handmade by the bride and bridesmaids during a get together or bridal shower. They have included everything from stickers with shells and starfish is on them which look really cute to formal invitations. And of course I’m a big fan of the beachy cute ones. One bride had an invitation with little seashells in it. She found stationary cards where she can read the invitation herself, fortunately she didn’t have to write a lot of them. She wanted her Pensacola Beach wedding filled with beach and the Gulf of Mexico. Another bride had a formal invitation with a sand dollar laser print into the cover of the invitation itself. That was beautiful. But my absolute favorite one came from a souvenir shop when the bride and groom and were down here checking out places to stay, wedding cake and flowers. This wedding invitation was a little bottle had seen the net and seashells, about the size of hot sauce bottle. Inside was a wedding invitation written on a piece of paper with directions made into a treasure map where X marks the spot to have the wedding. That was really different and unique. All the guest loved it and it made for great keepsake for all the guests. Because when do you ever get a message in a bottle that ends up being a wedding invitation.