Beach Wedding And Honeymoon In One Place

You have decided to have your wedding in Pensacola on the beach. So why not have your honeymoon here too? Here is one thing to consider that sets Pensacola Beach apart from other areas for destination weddings. Almost everything you need is right on the beach. And if it’s not on the beach it’s in Gulf Breeze which is right over a short bridge. Not only does Pensacola Beach have restaurants and things to do, it also has convenience stores, gas, and salons. The only thing you will need to leave the beach for its groceries which are right over the bridge at the Publix. Most florists will deliver your bouquets to you for a fee. Or you can go pick them up in Gulf Breeze. Gulf Breeze is very small so you won’t be driving around that much. The beach wedding with less stress is right here in Florida . Plus there’s so much to do on Pensacola Beach even though it’s small. That means less driving to get to where you want to go or take the trolley which is a dollar and can take you to where you want to go on the beach. So how about a dolphin cruise? Very reasonably priced and the dolphins will swim right beside the boat which can be exciting to see them jump out of the water. What a great thing to do the day after the wedding. Start your honeymoon watching the dolphins. If you feel like dinner and dancing after the wedding there are plenty of places to go and have a great time. Wake up the next morning and step out onto your balcony with your beverage of choice and look at the Gulf of Mexico. Now that is a honeymoon in paradise.