Get Married In Alabama On The Beach

You want a beach wedding in Gulf Shores in May. You couldn’t have picked a better time to come down here. In May before Memorial Day is the best time to come down here other than the Fall. What’s great about coming down here in May is spring break is over. There’s not a lot of people here and everyone’s getting ready for summer. What that means to you it is there will not be as many people or traffic. If you’re thinking about eloping let me tell you there’s no better time than May. The weather is beautiful for a beach wedding with temperatures in the eighties and mostly sunny. There’s nothing like walking on the beach with just the two without the intrusion of crowds. You’ll also find better prices on accommodations. No waiting at restaurants. And we’ll be there to help you make all the decisions that you need. Remember the website has many pages that offer great information that you will need. That includes one of our great new vendors for wedding flowers. If you’re looking to have a small cake afterwards there’s Publix in Orange Beach which makes a good wedding cake. I had one with devil’s food cake and a butter cream icing that was delicious. If you stay in a hotel or condominium make sure to check out the lobby for their different coupons they have available for attractions in the area. You can save some money if you choose to go to these. I know you love the area I know I do.