Wind Swept Sand And A Wedding To Remember

If you’re looking for a beach wedding in Pensacola but want something a little different try getting married in Perdido Key. And that’s what our bride did. This lovely area is small and very quiet even in the summertime and one that has spectacular views from the condominiums. As we arrived at the condominium we were met by members of the bride’s family bringing down drinks and cupcakes for the celebration afterwards. A small canopy had been set up as cover for the refreshments. And what a fun family they were. Shortly afterwards the groom his son came down and had on khakis and white button down shirts, in their best beach wedding attire. As we prepared for the bride arrival I could see everyone talking among themselves with smiles on their faces. Then it was time for our bride. As she walked down to is the sun was gently shining on her face. We had a small moment of silence for the loved ones who could not be with us except in spirit. During the ceremony the bride had a small speech she said to the groom son which was filled with love. It touched my heart the way she sat down in the sand to be on a eye level with him. When the same ceremony occurred each family member, including the parents, had sand to pour into their vessel. It made for a very nice keepsake. After the ceremony we went straight into pictures and were able to capture the photo you see here now. During the winter is the best time to catch the sun directly over the Gulf of Mexico. With her bouquet raised above her head she looked like she was rejoicing in the moment. One of the most memorable weddings of 2015.