Wedding Crashers On The Beach

You’ve just had your dream Gulf Shores beach wedding and you notice someone you can’t place the face.  You turn to your wife or has been you just married and ask, do you know who that it is? They don’t know who it is either. So you ask a few family members if they know who it is and they don’t. This person seems very nice and is fitting and is socializing with everyone very well. So you decide to just let it go and find out later who that person was. When you get back to your own hometown you ask around to see if anyone knew who that person was. Nobody knows. And while this is an extremely rare occurrence you had a beach wedding crasher. Most of the time it’s a local who really enjoys the weddings on the beach. It could be a man or a woman. Young or old. Most people sit back and watch the wedding from a distance and clapped their hands and wish the couple well should they get within speaking distance. That’s normal. If you have a wedding in front of a condominium don’t be surprised at the end of your wedding that you have a cheering section. That’s normal to. But sometimes you get someone who likes to be part of the happiness and joy. Now if we can only get them to bring a wedding gift, that would be used saying something. Okay the last part was just a little joke but you get it. They’re harmless. We’ve only been crashed twice in years so that’s a pretty good track record. The smaller the wedding you have the less chance of this happening. It’s hard to crash a wedding if there’s only 10 people. You would have to have a wedding of about 75 to 100 people for a winning crasher to sneak in. And since I don’t do weddings with that many people too often I would worry about it.