Saving The Date For Your Beach Wedding In Pensacola

Many of you will be coming to have a Pensacola Beach wedding in Florida and want to say that date. I understand this. As soon as you have figured out your wedding date, call us. There are certain dates you want to avoid, Memorial Day weekend, July 4, and the Blue Angels homecoming show. Many of you are asking why? One reason is the amount of people on the beach. You will not only be having tourists on the beach the locals will be there as well. That’s a lot of people. And they stay for a long time. Traffic is horrendous. We will not do weddings at all on these dates on Pensacola Beach. I’m sorry I know that’s something some of you might not want to hear. Unfortunately we have to tried to get out on the beach and could not because of traffic. But these are only a small spaces in time and you have the rest of the year at your ceremony. Any time in May before Memorial Day is great. This time between spring break and memorial day is very quiet on the beach. It’s a great time to come down to get married on the beach. After July 20 is another great time to come down to get married. In July the Blue Angels air show and July 4 lead very close to each other. So a lot of people are down here for those two events. That is why we tell people to try to avoid this time. I want the best for you want your wedding day. That’s why I gave this advice, this is your bach wedding and I wanted to be the best it can be.