Get Married In Gulf Shores And Listen To The Music

A beach wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama would be beautiful in November. I know must if you don’t think of getting married in November on the beach but this time a year has something very special happen in the Gulf Shores and Perdido Key area. And if you love music this would be the perfect time for you to come down and celebrate not only your wedding but music as well. The Frank Brown Songwriters Festival starts tomorrow and the area will be filled with music for 10 days. Imagine getting married on the beach and going to hear a songwriter that evening. What a treat! Must people of music and some of you love it even more. Why not take the opportunity to come down and enjoy this event? This is the perfect time a year to come down to get away from the crowds. Your wedding on the sand will be very romantic because there will be very few people out there on the beach. The weather could be more perfect with highs in the mid seventies and lows in the mid sixties. Stroll on the beach with just the two if you and enjoy this time together to bond deeply. Not only way you enjoy a great music but also great seafood. We have some great restaurants in the area including Cosmos of Orange Beach, one of the best restaurants in the area. Or you can try Cobalt on the Alabama Pass, try their tiramisu cupcake. Now that’s a wedding cake to savor. Either way you look at it getting married in Alabama never looked so good.