Marriage License Requirements For A Florida Wedding On The Beach

Your Pensacola Beach wedding will be a thing of beauty with you being the star that shines on the sand, like a little starfish! There are some things you’ll need to know about a Florida marriage license to make your journey an easier one. Let’s begin with the basics. Both bride and groom must be present when applying for your marriage license. Many brides asked me the same question, do we both need to be present? There are two answers to this question. The first answer is yes if you were going to be applying for your marriage license in Pensacola or Navarre you will both need to be present. However if there’s no way you can get down here to apply for your marriage license before your Saturday wedding you can get it from another county in Florida however be aware it will be a long drawn out process and will cost quite a bit in express mail fees and could take up too 6 to 8 weeks. In the long run they could end up costing you almost $300. When it’s easier for the two of you to go to the courthouse together to get your marriage license to get married on the beach. Another question brides ask you is, do you need a blood test? Nope no blood test is required in Florida. If you are both from out of state there is no waiting period. Please remember marriage license offices are open Monday through Friday only enclosed all holidays. The great thing is if you’re getting married on Pensacola Beach there are two places you can go to get to marriage license that are convenient and easy to find. That makes a big difference. Remember we’re always hear to answer questions and make life easier for you.