Matching Motorcycles Wedding On The Sand

This beach wedding in Pensacola was one of my most pleasant memories. Yes today I am reminiscing by taking a stroll down memory lane. The bride and groom had met on a dating site. And you would be surprised on Hal many brides and grooms meet on Internet to dating sites, about 35%. That’s a high number. Anyway the bride and groom dated for several months. Both had been in previous relationships and wanted to take things slow. I couldn’t agree with the more. Take your time and make sure the person that you’re selecting this the right person for you. Don’t rush into anything. While they were dating they discovered they both drove the same motorcycle. The same make the same model. Now tell me what are the chances of that? Their personalities were very similar which makes for a strong marriage. Opposites may attract but people with similar personalities definitely leads to a happier marriage. I loved the headpiece the bride wore for the ceremony. It was just the two of them and so romantic. No stress at all. And it was this time of year in the fall when we had the ceremony. The beach was practically empty. The only people out there were some surfers and that was it. We could look up and down the beach and not see a single person. Talk about romantic! If that doesn’t make you feel like you’re on an island nothing will. And of course Pensacola Beach is located on Santa Rosa island, one of the barrier islands of Florida. I remember leading are happy couple on the beach together with love in their eyes and a beach wedding memory to cherish always.