Halloween Wedding On The Sand

Some of you may feel that a Halloween Beach wedding would be Gothic and dark. On the contrary, they can be filled with light and fall colors. Some brides and grooms we have done ceremonies for chose yellows, orange, and burlap for their wedding colors. These beautiful colors look great on the sand and Gulf of Mexico. During this beautiful time this year you can make many choices for decorations to complement your wedding. Even a lively red can look breathtaking up against the backdrop of the beach. Or you can go the Halloween decor with bats and cobwebs. I can see a wedding arch decorated with that right now. It really depends on how you see your wedding and the way you wanted to look. Make sure to be happy with your choices regardless of what others may think. It’s not their wedding, it’s your wedding! So don’t lose sight of your dream. By coming down this time of year, around Halloween you’ll enjoy some of the sounds and sights of the area including entertainment just for Halloween. The great thing about being on the beach for any wedding anytime of year is the beauty of nature. Fall really is a beautiful time to be down here and enjoying what we have been so blessed with. You’ll really love it in October and November on one of the prettiest beaches in the entire world.  So put your suitcases in your car or truck and come down here and explore this area and maybe get married on the beach. You’ll be glad you did.