Bouquets For Weddings On The Beach In Gulf Shores

What beach wedding is complete without a beautiful bouquet for the bride?  Over the years I’ve seen bouquets go from strictly fresh flowers to many different types of items used to make beautiful arrangements for the bride to carry.  One bride had her grandmother make her bouquet out of buttons.  It was a St. Patrick’s Day wedding on the beach.  Her grandmother was very creative and came up with the idea of the buttons, mostly green.  I’ve also seen flowers made out of wood which were very beautiful.  One of my favorites was made out of burlap, burlap for beach wedding.  I loved it.  Recently I saw bride who had a bouquet made with pages from a newspaper.  They had rolled the pages into little shapes that were used to make petals for flowers.  So in this day and age brides are getting more creative and really putting a piece of themselves into their bouquets and telling me of their designs they wish to have created.  I love to see brides putting their own stamp on their bouquets.  It really says a lot about the woman who chooses to go a different route from fresh flowers.  Once again this year silk flowers are very popular and I even saw a bouquet made out of yarn flowers.  It really is amazing all these beautiful examples of the creative spirit in wedding flowers.  So for all you prospective brides out there I want you to do what makes you happy on your wedding day.  Make sure to keep your ideas yours and not someone else’s.  You’ll be a lot happier doing what you want to do in and making your date the best it can be.