Sunglasses And A Wedding On The Beach

This Pensacola Beach wedding was at the Marriott Springhill suites. Our bride and groom were ready and the bride was going to have her stepfather and her father walk her down the aisle. Everyone had sunglasses on the chairs for a group shot at the end of the ceremony. Many people wore their sunglasses during the ceremony. They were very colorful. The bride had on a full length gown that was similar to a mermaid. When she walked down to us for her beach wedding she’d looked beautiful. The groom wore khaki shorts and a white button down shirt. His boutonniere was a baseball with greenery. Very cute. This couple had decided to write their own vows, which some couples do.  Their words were sweet with a hint of laughter and love.  Our happy couple asked me to recite a reading for them. Everything went great including their sand ceremony. As we approached the end of the ceremony and the bride and groom were about to kiss I noticed on the groom’s boutonniere there was a corsage pin sticking straight out. The bride would have been pinned on it! I reached over and grabbed the wayward pin so there would be no accidents. The kiss went off without incident. Another point of the wedding I really liked was her selection of colors which included turquoise and the bridesmaid had dyed her hair turquoise. She looked adorable. It was a wonderful day with happy families and friends. They went to flounders for dinner afterwards. I put their picture on my face book page.