The Wedding Of 2 At The Beach

Our couple decided to have an Orange Beach Alabama wedding at the Island House Hotel. It was just two of them and so romantic. The couldn’t have picked a better place to have their ceremony. The Island House Hotel is truly a gem of a hotel.pensacola weddings Very clean and on a beautiful beach. Our couple met us in the lobby and we all walked out to the beach together. I went ahead and waited for them on the beach while the photographer took pictures of them walking down to is. Our bride was wearing a cream colored short dress with lace on the front, which almost look like crochet. It was beautiful. The groom also looked quite nice with a linen vest with matching slacks for their beach wedding. After the ceremony we placed them in several different poses and the photographer had them walk down the beach. There weren’t a lot of people on that beach so when they walked up to a group of people everyone broke out in applause. How sweet! Are blushing bride smiled and of course the groom was beaming. When they came back the bride had a large plaid scarf she wanted to use in pictures. We wrap the scarf around them and shot some great pictures they were going to be using on Christmas cards. I loved it how clever. We took several shots also of them sitting on the scarf so they would have a wide variety of pictures to choose from for their Christmas card. I would highly encourage everyone to try this themselves when they’re down here. It really made for beautiful pictures.