Adults Only Beach Wedding In Florida?

When you’ve decided to have a beach wedding in Pensacola there are some things to think about and one of them is do you want to have children at your wedding? Of course there’s a reason you’re thinking this and the reason would be that one of your guests you’re thinking of inviting has a child or children who will not behave. It is something to think about. If the children cause any damage to anything their parents are held responsible. Some of you ask what could a child possibly damage? The wedding decorations your wedding planner has provided. Your reception decor, food, wedding cake, etc. Now you see there is a lot that it unruly child can demolish. And what’s worse is the parent who lets it happen and does nothing. Here comes the big question to your beach wedding dilemma, How are you going to handle this? One answer would be to not invite your friend. Of course this could also lead to an end of a friendship. Or you could say on your invitations adults only. Now some of your friends may have children that are well behaved and they will fill slighted. Or you could bite the bullet and have the discussion with your friend with the unruly children or child and tell them that they are welcome to come to your wedding but they cannot bring their child or children. It’s a difficult call. I’ve heard of brides who didn’t invite their friend and when the friend found out later that bride said, Oh you didn’t get your invitation, I sent it out. Yes sometimes a little white lie can save the day. Whenever choice you make your secret is safe with me.